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wersja polska

OUR MAIN SHOP IN PL  on other areas you can try for selected titles: DE NL/DE UK Digital Hardcore Distribution Small Fish Records, London RoughTrade, London Norman Records, Leeds NOTE FOR THE COLLECTORS: If you see in the releases-list note "SOLD OUT" it means, that we don't have it in our stock any more and reissue is not planned (except where indicated), some are available as download only. But, we recommend to check at our distributors, they often have some forgotten copies, happens that in very good prices.

if you look for any particular title - ask us, sometimes we can help in this research or make another kind of deal. all the masters are safe in our vaults.

we recommend also to check there you can find a lot of old and new releases in digital formats. many of them you can listen directly from our official page as well.