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In booking matters please write to Wojciech Kucharczyk first. He will forward the message to the appropriate person, agent, booker or particular artist if necessary. klik the arrow ----->

____________!. was always working very hard. so no wonder that lot of very good effects came out of it. please take a look: /Festivals appearances and other important events (here the best selection since 2002 only):/ /no separate concerts selections here, too many/ _first mik.label night in history, january 2002 - Koeln, Gebaeude9 (molr drammaz, wirkus/schneider, sebastian buczek and the boll brothers) _ReadMe Festival 02 - Moscow (retro*sex*galaxy) _ARTACTS 02 - St.Johann in Tirol (molr drammaz, retro*sex*galaxy, deuce, 8rolek) _Nuit Blanche 02 - Paris (r*s*g) _ClubTransmediale 03 - Berlin (molr drammaz, r*s*g, deuce, 8rolek, Gunter Adler, Ksawery Kaliski vj) _SUBTROPICS 03 festival - Miami/USA (wojt3k with molr drammaz and solo, 3weeks official residence there) _Sonar Festival 03 - SonarLab, Barcelona (wojt3k kucharczyk & paul wirkus) _garage03 - no concept, Stralsund (r*s*g with Cristof Migone and Martin Tetreault) _Extrapool op Armada 03, Nijmegen(deuce, deuce & 8rolek duo) _polenmARkT 03, Greifswald (r*s*g, molr drammaz, deuce, 8rolek) _unsound, cracow (mik.musik.orgextra!.) _WienModern 03, Wien (label show: with molr drammaz, r*s*g, deuce, 8rolek, urkuma, ksawery kaliski) _Next Festival 03, Bratislava (label show: with molr drammaz, r*s*g, deuce, 8rolek, urkuma, ksawery kaliski) _Live broadcast from ORF/Kunstradio (wojt3k kucharczyk and felix kubin "territerrortorium" project) _clubtransmediale 04, Berlin (wojt3k kucharczyk and felix kubin "territerrortorium" project) _SUBTROPICS 04 festival - Miami/USA, (molr drammaz, special-project-phonetransmission [phonecert]) _I.D.E.A.L. 04, Nantes (wojt3k kucharczyk/r*s*g plays mik.musik.!.) _Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 04 (wojt3k takes part in John Zorn's Cobra project) _Era New Horisons 04/Parallel Action, Cieszyn (special project with Foksal Galery Foundation during Film Festival, installations in the city, label.night,, ttt live) _garage04 - White Cube Black Box, Stralsund (deuce, 8rolek) _TransArt 04, Merano/Bolzano ("making pinochcio once again" project with urkuma) _progress ex 04, Ljubljana (r*s*g and deuce + workshop "how to make some mik.musik") _line-in@lepizig, Leipzig (wojt3k presents territerrortorium radioplay) ... IN 2004 WE STOPPED TO COUNT FESTIVALS... other fancy places invaded by our shows, but of smaller or solo sort: new york, atlanta, orlando, st. petersburg, sankt petersburg, aarhus, hamburg, haag, amsterdam... and of course lot in poland. please also peep a liitle to events archives in "home" (watch "recent"). ... all our shows are prepared very carefully. because every one must be unique. we are not easy in negotiations, but very nice and polite. we are not cheap, but also not extremely expensive. you are welcome to ask any time!