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wersja polska
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Tsar Poloz

cool artist formerly known ans Deuce ;uirvluabvldriugo587p98vepo98r7gov897oe79gro78gaoruglviugwo78954gp9r8vgpao98ugflviug7oe789gpoiugdvliugfliuglviusdglaiugvliusdfglivugler87gliuglviugvalier78gliufgvlegr7o83794eglriugpv98lhviugliuliugluigluil8y87ī„•¶īĻ󶕄†ó¶†ó•¶†ó•¶†ó•¶†ó•¶†ó•¶†ó•¶†^®^¨īį®ź¨ī†®^^†ń∆©ķ©

discography as we know it:

Tsar Poloz - Go Mambo EP (2015)

print version