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8rolek is the solo-project of Bartek Kujawski (born in 1978), Poland. His debut 'Ptak Mechaniczny EP' (means 'mechanical bird') released by mik.musik.!. was acclaimed as the best polish electronic debut, one of the records of 2001, sparkling spring on provincial desert etc etc. Actions were fun. The music consists of subtle shifts of synchronic and asynchronic rhythm layers, of small irregular looping segments, noisy reverbs and a non-direct stereophonic play. In his approach Bartek is using not only regular laptop way of constructing music on stage, but is involving also accordion and small toys for very unique effects. Second album "Dziewiata gratis" came out in 2002 showing new, more focused, more consequent and communicative approach. Klasik "umpomat" was released in january 2005. Since then he released many records, albums and eps, dozens of remixes and such. Not only on Mik. And he plays under guise of his own name, for this choosing more experiments-less techno approach, whatever it can mean. yep.

 good selection of his music check here:

on constant change.

discography as we know it:

8rolek - King Of Aboulia (2010)
8rolek - Fat No More (EP) (2009)
8rolek - Fat Pigs (2009)
8rolek - 9 gratis (RE)MASTER (2006)
8rolek - umpomat (2005)
8rolek - dziewiąta gratis (2002)
8rolek - ptak mechaniczny ep (2001)

compilations: -Million Ways To Spend Your Time (Quasi Pop, 2006) -European Meridians (line_in:line_out/orf/edition zeitton 2004) -Musli 24 (requiem rec. 2003) -Progress - From Trieste to Vladivostok (participants of Club Transmediale 2003/Rx:Tx) -No Commercial Value (Authorised Version, 2002) -City Songs VI (requiem rec. 2002) mp3: 8rolek - chaus (from "umpomat" CD, 2005) 8rolek - track 2 (from "dziewiąta gratis" CDr, 2002) 8rolek - track 4 (from "ptak mechaniczny ep" CDr, 2001) 8rolek - live cut (from live at "Dom Muz" in Toruń, 2004) 8rolek - tustemp (by wojt3k kucharczyk) 8rolek - dziewiata gratis - track3 (by wojt3k kucharczyk & ksawery kaliski)

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